AR and AP Shortcuts for Remote CPA clients

You want to get paid: Here's how to create an invoice

You've completed the work and now it's time for you to get paid, but your client is requesting an invoice from you. How should you create the invoice and what elements should it have?

  • Unique identifier for each invoice

  • Date invoice is created and sent

  • Payment terms (net 10, net 15, net 30, etc.)

  • Due date

  • Description of work provided

  • Amount for each line item (especially when there were both goods and services provided)

  • Total amount due

  • Acceptable methods of payment (be sure to specify who to make the check payable to and include a mailing address, if you accept checks)

How to Create Invoices in QuickBooks Online

You want to pay someone: Here's a free W-9 Guide

One challenge of owning a small business is collecting W-9s and knowing when to send a 1099. As a general rule, if you pay anyone $600 or more by cash, check, or debit (but not credit card) you should collect a W-9 and evaluate whether or not you need to send a 1099. These would include payments for services, not goods.

To download the most recent Form W-9, visit this IRS website:

To read more about when to file Form 1099, visit this IRS website:

In order to request W-9s from your vendors, feel free to copy/paste the free script below.

Dear [Vendor],


As a vendor who may earn $600 or more from [Your Organization Name] during [Current Year]. The IRS requires us to request a W-9 from you so we can evaluate the need to provide you with a 1099 before January 31. In order to protect our long-term business relationship, please complete the attached form and return to us no later than [seven days from now].

Instead of sending this form via email, please use this encrypted link to upload it securely. Email is not a secure method of communication for sensitive taxpayer ID numbers.



Many thanks,