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Join us at the International Builder Show 2024 and discover the latest in accounting excellence specifically designed for home builders like you. With our specialized approach, we're here to guide you through financial mastery with tools and insights that resonate with your unique industry needs.

🌟 Are You the Master of Your Business Universe?

Do you have a crystal-clear picture of where your business stands today? Imagine having that power at your fingertips!

💥 Ever Faced the Shock of an Overblown Budget?

What if the end of a project didn't bring budget surprises, but celebrations instead?

🕒 Tired of Accounting Eating Up Your Precious Hours? 

What if you could spend less time crunching numbers and more time creating masterpieces?

🎯 Uncertain About Hitting Your Profit Goals This Year?

What if every project you undertook was a strategic step towards your dream profits?

💸 Could Hidden Losses Be Lurking in Your Jobs?

What if you could spot profit pitfalls before they even happen?

👉 If you're nodding 'YES' to any of these questions, it's time for a game-changer!

To create the best BuilderTrend experience for Home Builders who use QuickBooks.

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Remote CPA: Comprehensive Financial
Services Tailored for Your Business

Remote CPA: Comprehensive Financial
Services Tailored for Your Business

🌟 Essential Financial Management 🌟

1. Weekly Financial Reporting
2. Monthly Bookkeeping
3. Annual Tax Returns
4. 1099 Preparation at Year-End
5. Tax Planning with Estimated Taxes
6. Response to Tax Letters and Agency Communications
7. Retrospective Adjustment of Historic Financials
8. Accounts Payable Workflows
9. Processing Payroll
10. Maintenance
11. Annual Workers' Comp Insurance Audit Assistance
12. Accrual Accounting

🔧 Software Integration & Troubleshooting 🔧

🔧 Software Integration & Troubleshooting 🔧

1. QuickBooks Online (QBO) Implementation
2. BuilderTrend Integration with QBO
3. BuilderTrend Cost Code Standardization
4. Software Troubleshooting

🏗️ BuilderTrend-Specific Services 🏗️

1. BuilderTrend Budgets and Estimates
2. BT Allowance Reconciliation for Homeowner Clients
3. WePay BuilderTrend Online Sales Entry
4. Maintaining Certificates of Insurance (COIs)
5. Tracking Utilities on Jobsites
6. Vendor and Subcontractor Standardization
7. Invoicing to Homeowners

💼 Business Growth & Strategy 💼

1. Budgeting
2. Cash Flow Forecasting
3. Coaching Calls to Maximize Profitability
4. Custom Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboards

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Comprehensive Financial Services Tailored for Homebuilders

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Meet Jon Markee,​

CPA The Visionary Leader and Trailblazer!

CEO & Founder Extraordinaire 

Greetings! I'm Jon Markee, not just any Certified Public Accountant, but a dynamic alumnus of the prestigious Krannert School of Management at Purdue University. My academic journey is a thrilling blend of Accounting and Business Management, a foundation that has catapulted me into the stratosphere of financial expertise.

Remote CPA: Revolutionizing Accounting, One Virtual Meeting at a Time
In 2017, I turned my vision into reality with Remote CPA. This wasn't just a venture; it was a revolution! We broke new ground, harnessing the power of virtual meetings to bring top-tier accounting prowess to small organizations. Today, as virtual interactions become the new norm, Remote CPA stands at the forefront, a beacon for businesses across the United States.

A Symphony of Services: From Tax Mastery to Financial Forecasting 
Clients nationwide turn to me and Remote CPA for a spectrum of accounting needs. We're not just about tax filings; we're about building futures with tools like BuilderTrend and QuickBooks, streamlining payroll, and crafting financial forecasts that turn aspirations into realities. Join me in this exhilarating journey where accounting meets innovation, and every financial challenge is an opportunity for greatness! 

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