Remote CPA exists to create the best QuickBooks Online and Accounting experience for small organizations.

LLC, 501c3, b-corp, C-CORP specialists
ALL 50 states
budgeting & forecasting
annual tax filing (form 990, 1120, 1065, etc.)
monthly bookkeeping
audit-ready financial statements
quickbooks online training
form 1099 e-file


What is Remote CPA?


Remote CPA is an accounting firm focused on serving small organizations anywhere in the United States. We leverage cloud-based technology and virtual Zoom meetings to provide value monthly accounting services without taking precious resources away from the organization’s main mission.


Why wouldn’t I just hire a part time employee to complete these tasks for me?


Given the specialized needs of accounting and financial reporting, it’s most efficient if you outsource these tasks to a specialist firm like Remote CPA. We’re incredibly efficient at what we do because we serve a variety of similar clients. That means the quality of our work is higher than a part time employee, we are more knowledgeable, and we can offer the best value prices given our economies of scale.


How can I explain this need to my Board of Directors?


Every Board organization has numerous dynamics because each Director approaches ideas with a different angle. This is great because it exposes us all to new ideas and ensures the organization is covered on all fronts. As such, hiring a specialty firm like Remote CPA makes life easier for the Directors. They will have reliable financial reports to make decisions from, they will have a trusted source to ask financial questions to, and their personal risk is mitigated by having a trusted professional providing financial oversight.


How will Remote CPA save me time?


Everything we do is focused on saving you time and redirecting your energy back to where it needs to be, which is working toward your mission. You won’t have to worry about driving to endless meetings because we use Zoom web conferencing. We can even host Zoom meetings after hours, upon request, in case your organization operates secondary to your full time career. You won’t have to worry about keeping up with paper files and documents because we run a cloud-based, paperless office. We’re equipped to work with almost any kind of application that integrates with QuickBooks Online and we even provide Receipt Bank to our clients for free. This is a great tool for you to snap images of receipts and submit them to us, and never worry about keeping those paper copies!


How can Remote CPA help us improve transparency to our stakeholders?


Since everything we do is cloud based, we have unlimited control over who has access to it. For Boards who have been criticized for not being transparent enough, our cloud-based tools will allow for access from multiple Board members at the same time. On the flip-side, for things that need to stay secure and confidential, we can limit access to only those who need it. QuickBooks Online Plus is a great platform to have up to five users who can review all accounting transactions.


Where is Remote CPA based and can you serve clients out-of-state?


Remote CPA is based in Indianapolis but we can serve clients in all 50 U.S. states. Not only are we willing to travel to you to get setup, but we are also fully equipped to work remotely, hence our name: “Remote CPA”.


What if I can’t afford monthly accounting services but I still want to use QuickBooks?


No problem, we offer QuickBooks Online training services so we can get you setup to do your own accounting. If you get to a point where it’s taking too much time, we are ready to step in where you left-off because we helped you build the system.